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Policies of the Diamond City Planning and Zoning Commission

Our highest priority will always be to represent the best interests of the people of Diamond City. We will do this to the best of our ability by:

1. Protecting private property rights and enhancing property values through wise land use decisions.
2. Improving and extending public infrastructure, facilities, and services.
3. Promoting the economic growth and well-being of the community.
4. Protecting our beautiful and valuable natural resources and environment.
5. Managing population growth so as to prevent Diamond City from becoming overcrowded.
6. Identifying and attracting new and appropriate residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities.
7. Enhancing our strengths – fishing and tourism – to attract and retain visitors.
8. Always being attentive to the needs of two very special residential groups in our community, seniors and young families.
The Commission is responsible for preparing the Strategic Development Plan to ensure that future growth and development is the best for the city of Diamond City.
The Planning & Zoning Commission meets once a quarter @7:00 pm.  The meetings are held in the Diamond City Community Center on the second Wednesday of the month.