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Water Services

Water Services Application

The City of Diamond City provides services for water, sewer and sanitation.  When you apply for water services all of these services are included. Your monthly water bill will include all three services and are billed on one bill for each customer.


How to Obtain a Building Permit

Diamond City requires a building permit for any new residential or commercial construction.  A permit is also required for most renovation construction. Click the link and you can print the permit application and submit to him.

How to Obtain a Temporary RV Permit

This permit must be obtained in person at City Hall.  It allows a person who is in the process of building a new residence to park their RV on their property while the home is being built. It is granted by the Mayor and must be renewed monthly.  The Building Inspector will inspect on a monthly basis to ensure progress is being made on the construction. For more information contact City Hall at (870) 422-7212.


How to Obtain a Business License

All current and new businesses in Diamond City are required to have a business license to operate in the City.  This includes any businesses that are operated out of a residence in a residential area.  The Business License is renewed in January of each year. The cost is $50 for a license and due by January 31st each new year.  Click the link to open the Business License application.

Pet License

The City of Diamond City has an ordinance requiring the registration of all pets.  The pet license must be obtained in person at City Hall and renewed at the beginning of each calendar year.  You will need the most current form from your vet that shows the pet having current rabies vaccination.  The cost is $7 for fixed pets and $10 for non-fixed pets. 


Employment Application

Periodically the City of Diamond City has positions open in different departments.  These positions are usually advertised in local newspapers in Harrison and Mountain Home, Ar. If you are considering employment with the City you can click on the link above and submit an application for employment.

Contact Information

City of Diamond City
PO Box 1300
Diamond City, Arkansas 72630

City Hall

Phone: (870) 422-7212
Fax: (870) 422-2970

Mayor’s Office

Mayor Jaime Nuessner
Phone: (870) 422-7310

City Administration

Operations; Finances; Public Works; General Information: Water, Sewer, Sanitation Billing; Permits & Fees; Applications
Phone: (870) 422-7212
Fax: (870) 422-2970

City Council

Click on the link above to find contact numbers for all of the City Council members for Diamond City.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Click on the link above to find contact numbers for all of the Planning & Zoning Commission members for Diamond City.