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The City of Diamond City, Arkansas enthusiastically welcomes new residents to Diamond city.  With Diamond City located at the edge of Bulls Shoals Lake and only 45 miles south of Branson, MO. with its many restaurants and entertainment venues, there is something here for every age.  To help you in your search, we have listed all of the local real estate agencies in and around Diamond City, Ar. and their contact information.  The listing is of agencies as well as local residents who are real estate agents.  Of course, if you expand out to Harrison, Yellville, and the Mountain Home areas there are many agencies available to help you.

To help you with property searches, there are two websites that are available.

County Site – – This site will give you the ability to look at properties in Boone County, Ar. and focus specifically on Diamond City.  This site provides a detailed search that reveals the details of each lot in Diamond City.  When you first open the site, it asks what records you would like to search. Click on the Real Estate Records.  A menu will drop down and you should select Boone County.  The next page will allow you to enter data to search on in many different ways to find the specific property you want to look at.  Once you find the property, you will be able to print out many different reports on the property.

State Site – – This site will give you the property that has been turned back to the State of Arkansas for unpaid taxes.  Unless redeemed from the state the properties will be auctioned off at the county seat once a year, usually in July.

Diamond City is divided into subdivisions that were established when Diamond City was incorporated.  All of the lots in these subdivisions will start with a Parcel Number beginning with 775.  A lot parcel number would look like this:  775-00000-000.  However, within the city limits of Diamond City there is an area that is located in the eastern part of the city within the city limits that is classified as acreage.  This property will begin with 082 and with the same pattern as the other example, 082-00000-000. This property is within the city limits but has not been developed yet.

Below is a list of the subdivisions in the City.  They are kind of rough and are copied from the original documents filed by Henry Dietz to establish the subdivisions and covenants in the city.


To view the demographics of Diamond City concerning housing, median income, etc. click on the link below.

Below is listed the local area real estate agencies that can help with relocation information as to homes for sale or rent.


Becky Bates
416 Grand Ave.
(870) 365-6170

Sewer Line Map                                         Water Line Map