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May 2024 Newsletter

April 2024 Newsletter

Well, March was an interesting month to say the least, we will talk about that a little later. I am hoping that going forward we can come together as a community and work together to make Diamond City a place that people want to visit or even call their home.

On April 8th there will be a total solar eclipse. The path of the eclipse continues from Mexico, entering the United States in Texas, and traveling through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Small parts of Tennessee and Michigan will also experience the total solar eclipse. Below is the timeframe in which you will be able to experience the eclipse. If you want to watch the eclipse be sure and get your safety eyewear before the 8th.

Location Partial Begins Totality Begins Maximum Totality Ends Partial Ends
Little Rock, Arkansas 12:33 p.m. CDT 1:51 p.m. CDT 1:52 p.m. CDT 1:54 p.m. CDT 3:11 p.m. CDT

The February 27th City Council Meeting was postponed until March 5th 2024. At the March 5th City Council Meeting Mayor Jaime Nuessner read the resignation letter from our Treasurer Eva West. No vote was taken at the time. Our Mayor Jaime Nuessner also turned in his resignation. The council voted and accepted it.

Our Chief of Police Troy Burleson, Head of Public Works Johnny Burleson, Public Works employees Austin Case, Doug Moyer, and Kody Smith along with 4 of our City Council members also turned in their resignations. No vote was taken to accept them at the time.

On Thursday March 7th a special meeting was held to accept the resignations of The Treasurer, Chief of Police, Head of Public Works, and the Council Members, at this meeting it was voted upon to accept the Treasurers resignation. The Chief of Police, Head of Public Works, and the City Council members all rescinded their resignations and are now back in their designated positions. Our Public Works employees also came back.

The next scheduled City Council Meeting was set for March 26th, at this meeting a new Mayor was elected as well as a new Treasurer. Please join us in welcoming Mayor Jacob Glidewell and Treasurer Elizabeth Hensley. Please also welcome our new Police Officer Trevor Atwell. As I have mentioned before the police office has moved back to the Community Center at 232 Grand Ave, the direct line to them is 870-422-7589.

There is a Community Green House set up to the right of the community center. If anyone wants to plant something please feel free to do so. If you would like to help the Parks and Recreation team with more projects like this, please contact Jean Hurtt @870-422-7212.

Our City-Wide Garage Sale date is April 19th and the Spring Large Trash Pick-up day will be the following Friday April 26th 2024. If you would like to add your name to the garage sale list, please call City Hall @ 870-422-7212.

The next scheduled council meeting will be April 22nd 2024.

February 2024 Newsletter

Well, all I can say is thank goodness January is behind us and hopefully February will be better. The snow and the ice we had last month really messed things up. Some of us had frozen/broken pipes, frozen meters, and water leaks that we now must deal with. Mother Nature sure can be brutal at times. For a lot of people their trash was not picked up for a couple of weeks because Methvin was unable to run the routes safely. I am hoping that the worst of the bad weather is behind us and we can look forward to Spring and warmer weather.

The Diamond City, City Council Metting was held on 1/23/24 at 6:00pm. Johnny Burleson, the Director of Public Works gave his report stating his department put out salt and plowed certain roads on Sunday 1/21/24. Our Public Works employees are unable to plow dirt roads because it will just mess up the dirt road. They are not able to salt gravel roads because it will compromise the gravel on those roads. $3000.00 worth of salt was ordered and delivered.

Chief Troy Burleson gave the police report. The police department is moving back to the Community Center occupying the old Water Work Department at no cost to the city. This move will allow our officers and reserve officers to have more room to work.

The Finance report was given by Eva West. Eva called her insurance company to make sure she was able to use her vehicle for some city business and she was told that it was fine.

The Community Center report was given by Jean Hurtt. She said that there is interest in Pickle Ball so the committee will be meeting the second week of February and will have more information about cost at a later date.

Kathy Pate announced the Christmas House Decorating contest winners and asked for volunteers to help on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Mayor News: The mayor would like to start up the water board again to decide on any water adjustments especially with the frozen pipes people have had because of the cold weather. The mayor is waiting to hear when the Sugarloaf Wastewater Plant is having their meeting so everyone can be there and voice their opinion on the 38% sewer increase that will affect them.

In other news, RV Ordinance 07-2023, Ordinance 01-2024, Diamond City Operational Procedures, and Ordinance 02-2024 Amending the Employee Handbook were all passed after the third reading.

The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for February 26th 2024 at 6:00 p.m.

Please be sure to contact the water department at 870-422-7212 if you are having any water and/or sewer issues so we can get them addressed as soon as possible.

December 2023  News Letter

We have a few things going on this month, on Saturday December 2nd there is a Christmas parade in Lead Hill at 2:00pm. On Saturday December 9th the Community Center is having a kids Christmas party from 11am-1pm. You must sign up for this event so they can have an accurate head count. Saturday December 15th you can have breakfast with Santa at The American Legion from 10am-12pm. On Sunday December 31st the American Legion is having a New Year Eve Celebration from 8pm-1am.

We are having a Christmas yard decorating contest and if you would like your house to be put on the list of entries all you need to do is call City Hall. The judging will take place on December 21st and 22nd.

November 28th 2023 was when we had our last City Council Meeting all council members were present. Our Public Works Director, Johnny Burleson gave a report. They are looking for 2 reasonably priced public works vehicles. Chief of Police Troy Burleson gave a list of properties to the council members to evaluate for clean-up. He would like council members to ride with him to view them. The Finance Report was given by our Treasurer Eva West. Jean Hurtt gave a report regarding the Community Center saying in part that there have been 909 Veterans and 1010 other lunches served for the year.

There is a budget meeting scheduled for December 12th 2023 and the next City Council Meeting is scheduled for December 19th 2023 @6:00pm.  Wednesday December 13th 2023 is the next Planning and Zoning meeting.

The year is quickly ending and I hope everyone had a good year. Stay safe going into the next couple of holidays and please, please, please if you are going to party on New Years Eve make sure you have a designated driver.

October 2023 Newsletter

Happy Fall Y’all!!

The Diamond City Council Meeting was held on Sept. 26th 2023 @6:00 pm. Johnny Burleson, the Director of Public Works, wanted to thank the couple that came and trimmed the bush in front of the Community Center and cleaned up the outside area. He went over things that public works have been doing and requested council approval for putting in a sealed bib for a firetruck and approval for a ditching bucket. The police report was given by Officer Dan Cannon. He reported on traffic stops, warrants served, resident checks and assisting other agencies. The financial report was given by the Treasurer Eva West. The Community Center report was given by Jean Hurtt. She stated that as of now there have been 1602 lunches purchased and 748 Vets free lunches. They are still working on getting the Pickle Ball schedule out and hopefully a class on how to play. A 9×20 green house has been ordered and will be put up by the chambers shed on Grand Ave.

Mayors News: Trunk or Treat will be at the Corp campground on Oct 31st 2023. The mayor has been talking to several different trash companies to get info about their services. We will put an ad in the paper for bidding.

In the executive session council discussed the sealed bid for the fire truck and getting a ditch bucket for the mini ex. Council voted and approved both.

The next City Council Meeting is set for Oct. 24th 2023 @6:00 pm

We have our city-wide yard sales going on this month on Friday Oct. 20th and Saturday Oct. 21st from 8am until 4pm. You can call City Hall, if you wish, to get your address on the map. Wednesday October 25th is large trash pick-up. Please have your trash and big items out the night before because Methvin will start picking up very early in the morning. There are flyers around town that tell you what can and can not be left out for pick-up or if you wish you can just call us at City Hall and we can tell you.

This month there are several places hosting Trunk or Treat so be sure and bring the kids out. The American Legion will also have games and a haunted house at their Trunk or Treat celebration on Oct. 28th starting at 5pm and going until 9pm.  We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

August Newsletter  Diamond City Newsletter June 2023School is out and summer has begun, remember to go to City Hall, fill out an application, and get your permit sticker for your golf carts or side by sides. Applications are also available at under City Services then Forms. You can print the form, fill it out, then bring it with you to City Hall with payment, we will, in turn, give you a receipt and the permit sticker to place anywhere on the vehicle that is visible while riding, it’s that easy.There are 3 raised garden beds located behind and to the left of the Community Center residents are encouraged to plant what they want in them. What would you like to see grown in the Community Garden going forward? Do you want pretty flowers or food items that everyone can have access to? I’m thinking of fruits and vegetables that produce a lot of product, like Green Beans, Squash, Zucchini, Cilantro, different kinds of Peppers, Strawberries, Basil, Parsley, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Cantaloupe, and Watermelon. We need to come together as a community and make this happen because I believe there are a lot of people that could benefit from it. If we can get community support for this, we can add more beds and grow more items. This could be the start of something great for Diamond City residents.We did have an issue with our water billing system last month, therefore the May/June water bills were mailed out later than usual. We do apologize for this but also wanted to explain that we do have until the 30th/31st of every month to get the bills out to you however, we try to get them sent out by the middle of the month to give our residents more time to get payment to us. Water bills are always due on the 15th of the month except when the 15th falls on a Friday, a weekend, or a holiday, then they are due the next business day.Diamond City has been added to the list for the Low Income Household Water Assistance. If you need assistance in paying your water bills, please reach out to them @ or call 888-985-6441. This program offers assistance up to $2000.00 for a qualified personThe last City Council Meeting was held on May 23rd, 2023 at 6:00 pm here is a quick rundown of some of what went on:Dana Swing has resigned from her position on the board of the Sugar Loaf Water Plant. Her resignation was accepted by the council. Diamond City is now looking for a replacement board member to fill her position. Applications can be obtained at City Hall.Archie (Sarge) Blevins was sworn in as a new reserve police officer. WELCOME TO DIAMOND CITY, SARGE! The chief wrote a letter of commendation for Officer Dan Cannon and the hard work and time he puts in. Now, if Dan can only get some much-deserved time off that would be great!** I know there are some people out there that are not big fans of the police but they are needed to help keep Diamond City a great place to live, visit, and play. If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you should have nothing to worry about. **If you cannot attend any of the City Council Meetings but are interested in what is going on you can either watch live on the night of the meeting or watch it later, all you need to do is go to our Diamond City Facebook page and click on the meeting you would like to watch. Here is a link to the page:

.The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for June 27th 2023 at 6:00pmThere are a lot of great things coming up during the next few months and I can’t wait to see the community come together and enjoy the outdoors, family, friends, fellowship, and everything the city and surrounding areas have going on. Just remember to always stay safe, wear your seatbelts, life jackets, and sunscreen, don’t drink and drive any type of motor vehicle, and watch out for kids at play, and of course, the deer, that like to dart out in front of you while you drive.**Just my 2 cents, spend it wisely**This will be posted on our Facebook page and the Diamond City website.

2022 Diamond City Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

June 06,2023

May 8th, 2023

May 2023 Newsletter

The Diamond City, city council meeting was held on April 26th 2023 at 6:00 pm. Below is a recap of what went on in that meeting.

Public Works Director, Johnny Burleson went over items they have done in the last month. They got everything ready for the Community Garden. Johnny asked that if anyone had concerns on culverts or roads to please call City Hall at 870-422-7212 and they will see if they can get it on the list to be addressed by the city.

Police Chief Troy Burleson went over the police report stating how many citations were given out, dog calls, warrants served, and resident checks. He also advised that in a few weeks he will be teaching a training class for reserve police officers. Applications can be picked up at City Hall or printed from our website

Casey Greer went over the Planning and Zoning minutes and the city council voted to approve Kari Coolidge to become the newest member of the Planning and Zoning committee.

Jean Hurtt advised that to date the Community Center has served 298 Vets and 673 others. Beginning May 11th from 9am-1pm we are going to start the Farmers Market up again at the Community Center to see if there is interest going forward to keep it going. Table rentals for this are $10.00 and you can call Jean Hurtt to reserve one. We will also be having a pancake breakfast on May 27th, 2023 from 8-11am.

The next city council meeting is set for May 23rd at 6pm.

If anyone would like to see the meeting for themselves it is posted on the Diamond City Facebook Page.

The City-Wide Garage Sale was on April 28th and 29th and whatever did not sell and you want to discard can be put out on the curb for the big trash pick up that is set for May 3rd 2023.

We are getting a lot of calls regarding roaming dogs, please be aware that we do not have an animal control officer nor do we have a place to house these roaming animals if they were to be captured. You can still call City Hall about them but we may not be able to send anyone out to always follow up on the calls.

School lets out for the summer this month so please be aware that there may be more bicycles on the roads and just keep your eyes open for them.

Please do not forget to come to City Hall to get permits for the side by sides or golf carts you will be driving on the roads in Diamond City this summer. Also, if anyone is still interested in Downstream Meters, please come in a fill out the required form. There is no deposit due as we are going to be processing everything through our water billing system

I will be posting a calendar of events for May so please be on the look out for that.

Again, I ask that if there is anything y’all would like to see in a monthly news letter that you please let me know.

Diamond City Newsletter

April 2023

The Diamond City city council meeting was held on March 28th, 2023 at 6:00 pm. Below is a recap of that meeting:

Public Works Director Johnny Burleson advised that some roads are starting to be graded. If you believe your road needs grading, please let us know at City Hall, and we will get Johnny or one of the other Public Works guys to go out and check it out. The tractor was fixed, and at a price that was less than originally quoted, which was great for the city.

Chris Cline from Planning and Zoning advised they are looking at RV Parks and getting more information as to what can and cannot be done within the city limits. They are also looking to add one more person to the P&Z committee. If you are interested, please go to the next meeting, which is on April 12th, 2023, at 7:30 pm.

Jean Hurtt of the Community Center advised that in the month of March, they served 218 Veterans and 510 others during their Thursday Veterans’ lunches. They are also looking to re-start the farmers market up again beginning in May. Every Thursday, the ladies at the Community Center offer free lunches to all Veterans and charge $7.00 for anyone else. All proceeds go toward purchasing groceries for the next week’s lunch. They also accept donations.

Parks and Recreation said the flags will go up soon for the Memorial Day and 4th of July holidays.

The next City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, April 25th, at 6:00 pm.

Downstream meters are now available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be a $30.00 refundable deposit required, and the meters will need to be returned to the city by Oct 31st, 2023. You can come to the city office at 319 Diamond Blvd to pick up an application and pay the $30.00 deposit.

A citywide yard sale will be happening in Diamond City and Lead Hill on April 28th and 29th. If you want your address added to the map of participants, call City Hall at 870-422-7212 and we will add it. Large trash pick-up day is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd. Anything you don’t sell during the yard sale can be trashed and will be picked up on May 3rd.

We have a lot of good things going on this month, and we hope everyone can get out and enjoy some of the events. If you take pictures at any of the events and would like to share them, please email them to me at, and hopefully, I can get them posted to our website for others to enjoy as well.

Lastly, there have been a lot of pet thefts going on of pure-bred animals. Please, keep your eyes and ears open, and if you see something, say something. These pets are someone’s babies and are missed terribly. If you happen to have any information regarding the thefts, please feel free to reach out to us at 870-422-7212. Let’s work as a community to try and deter the thefts and bring these babies home where they belong.

If there is anything y’all would like to see in a monthly newsletter, please let me know so I can attempt to make it happen. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.