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 2013 Ordinances01-13 City Council Affairs03-13 Tractor purchase04-13 Subdivision Regulations05-13 Amendment of Ord 4-11 Minimum User charge for Waste Water06-13 Amendment to Ord 3-11 Water rate Charge8-13 Use of Golf Carts9-13 Amend Zoning Regulations for Temp RV Placement in R210-13 Fixed Asset Policy continued11-13 Expenditure and Accounting of Capital Outlay Funds12-13 Change Zoning Category for Property Known as 1413 Garnet St13-13 Diamond City Police Dept14-13 Establishment of Flood Damage Prevention Program15-13 Amendment of Ord 3-11 Procedures for Collecting Water Account Balances16-13 Record Retention 2012 Ordinances1-12 Procedure for Diamond City Council2-12 Police Protection with The City Lead Hill3-12 Limits for Purchases of Spending of City Revenue4-12 Amendment of Ord 1-02 Vaccination, Licensing, of Dogs and Cats5-12 Amendment to Ord 4-06 Selling of Fireworks In City Limits6-12 Water Meters9-12 Arkansas Energy Code 2011 Ordinances1-11 Repealing Ordinances 2-09 and 3-09 and Authorizing the Mayor to make Purchases2-11 Establishing Rules and Procedures for Diamond City3-11 Water Rates5-11 Establishing Community Volunteer Corp6-11 Zoning Regulations7-11 Amend Ord 2-11 Establish Administration of Water Dept9-11 Ament Ord 3-11 Requirements for New Water Accounts12-11 Special Election 2010 Ordinances01-10 Zoning Category Crestview Court02-10 Farm-Exotic Animals03-10 Where Ordinanced need to be Posted4-10 Levying Taxes 2009 Ordinances01-09 Establishing an Organizition04-09 Identy Theft Program05-09 Regular Scheduled Meetings07-09 Amending Zoning Map 2008 ordinances01-08 Add Fines Placed on Folders 2007 Ordinances01-07 Establishing an Organization02-07 Repeal Ord 01-073-07 Closing a Portion of Apache St4-07 Adopt-Enact New Municipal Code6-07 Levying Taxes 2006 Ordinances01-06 Establishing an Organization2-06 Outdoor Burning3-06 Amend Zoning Reg-Maps04-06 Sale and Use of Fireworks in Diamond City05-06 Shielded Lighting Fixtures06-06 Adopting the National Incident Management System07-06 Firearms and Other Weapons 2005 Ordinances03-05 Building Permit Fees-Insp Comp04-05-2 Deferred Compensation Plan05-05 Closing a Portion of Lynette06-05 Non Competive Bidding08-05 Closing a portion of Cowdry 2004 Ordinances01-04 Amend Zoning Regulations-Maps02-04 Assure SID Fees are Paid03-04 Condemnation-Removal Structures05-04 Control of Debris06-04 Closing a Portion of Turkey St