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Serving the Diamond City Area Communities

P.O. Box 1300 | 232 Grand Avenue, Diamond City, AR 72630
Phone: 870.422.7212 | Fax: 870.422.2970
Where It’s Located!
The Diamond City Community Center has been in existent since the early 70’s.  It is located at 232 Grand Avenue in Diamond City.    
Services and Amenities!
The Community Center has a full kitchen, Thursday meals as well as being available for use if you rent the center.  Our open area has a seating capacity of 100 persons.  There is a park that is dedicated to Henry W. Dietz III, the founder of Diamond City, located behind the center building where there is a playground area with slides, swings, basketball goals, and other small challenges for children. The park has a covered patio area with picnic tables and grills for cookouts.  

The Community Center kitchen is a full service food preparation area subject to State health codes and inspections.  To ensure the public is aware of the kitchen’s compliance we will publish the state health inspection reports after each inspection of our food service preparation area.  Click on the link below to view the most current inspection report.  If there are any questions please call us at 870.422.7212.

10-2022 Food Establishment Inspection report

The Center Activities!
The Center includes services such as receptions, parties, and business meetings, hosting a community meal on Thursdays, providing free meals for Veterans (Vets eat free), and many more events during the summer months.  One of the seasonal highlights is the Farmers Market during the summer which includes arts, crafts, bread and pastries, and vegetables which are homegrown in our local area.  
Center Rental and Health Aids!
Also, during the summer months, there are a lot of family reunions and get-togethers. The Community Center will also rent out tables and chairs for your home events! The Community Center’s main goal is to help the community in any way we can.  If you have a family member who is temporarily incapacitated for health reasons, the Center has available wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, potty chairs, shower chairs, etc. to help with care for your family member. The Center provides these items free of charge.  
The Center’s Library!
The Center has a library that is packed with books donated by the community. The library works on a trust system. There are no fees and you can check out a book without cost. Please just bring them back so that others may also enjoy them too!